Beautiful Whenever

I wake up every morning with a teardrop on my cheek
And I remember that I can’t remember something that I need
And you know everything I wanna do and everything I am
For you my beautiful whenever I will give it up today

And when I walk around the endless streets forever aimlessly
I cannot get your silhouette out of my damn subconscious stream
And I’m forever living just for you, forever in your search
You are my beautiful whenever ’til the day that we will meet

You know time isn’t so long
For now I can hold on

Right when I feel I’ll fall into a never-ending pit
Right when the world is falling over and I’m drowning in the sea
You call my name, you pull me up and then I’m back up on my feet
You know, my beautiful whenever, you’ve become the strength in me

Yesterday I used to think that there was only me
But then I dreamt of you and never have I felt something more real
And though I’ve never seen your face if I could only get a glimpse
That’s just my beautiful whenever I will know in a heartbeat

You know time isn’t so long
Far away or right at home?

Everyday I wake up feeling like I’m incomplete
And that I’ve lost whatever piece that gave a meaning to my being
You are the light that has been given to me only in my dreams
You are my beautiful whenever and somewhere you wait for me

Longing for the days that I’ve forgotten in a blink
And looking for the face that I have never ever really seen
I don’t even know your name but I’m forever in your debt
Thank you, my beautiful whenever, I hope you won’t be too late

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