My Room

The best use of my time is when I bust a big fat nut in my hand and smear it on the wall. You guys might not know this, but when it dries up, cum has a certain volume to it. So when you keep dropping it on the same spot, after a while, a protrusion will begin to form. I use this.

Ever since I made this discovery, I’ve picked a few spots on my walls and carefully painted there every load since, of which there have been many. In fact, I’d venture to say I’ve become much more efficient at ‘extracting’ the materials for my work, and thanks to a strict regime of supplements, it never thins out.

People have called it ‘disgusting’, but it’s my room, I choose how to decorate it, and this works for me. I don’t even notice the smell anymore. I think, visually, I’m finally starting to reap the fruits of my labor. Lately, my art has been taking shape. The protrusions I’d describe more like mounds, mountains growing horizontally towards the room. It’s an exciting time for me. When I look at them carefully, I can kind of see faces taking shape within, and jokingly, I’ve mused about the possibility of those belonging to all the people that never were.

I’m pretty proud of my room, I think it has a very unique look now. I doubt anyone else in the world has a room like mine, and if they do I’d like them to come forward. We have so much to talk about!

At night, I like to cover ‘the faces’ with towels. It’s not that they bother me or anything, but I’m sure anyone would have trouble sleeping with so many eyes staring at them.

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